IT Awards je nešto najbolje što je moglo da se desi u Srbiji jer je primetan nedostatak ovakvog tipa takmičenja koje daje mogućnost da se ocene svi proizvodi u IT industriji.
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Unlike many companies that were started in order to develop some product, AwardsWise has a story that’s a bit different…

Our lead product, Awards Management Software was born as the brainchild of one of the founders of our company, as a result of his work for a client in awards industry in UK. The software quickly prove it self to be helpful tool in awards management for many clients. As a result AwardsWise company was started in late 2011.

We’re here to make your awards process more enjoyable and productive. We believe that communication is the key to that success, and try to implement that credo in our work every day. We strive for your feedback and are trying to implement your ideas in our products as fast as possible.

Awards Management Software 

is a comprehensive tool for administering the entire awards process online with different access levels for administrators, managers, judges and contestants.

Post online submission forms to your website – or let us create one for you, view and edit the entries in your online application and administer the scoring process – giving access to designated entry documents to judges.
From the perspective of awards contestants, Awards Management Software provides a clear and easy registration process with multiple entries in a single submission, document uploads for awards contestants with an intuitive user interface and a continued update on the status of their entry.
For awards managers this system allows for quick creation of programs and categories, online access to the contestants’ entry grid, monitoring of documents submitted by the participants, status of judges and scoring process, entering and editing scoring criteria, administration of emails and custom reports and many more useful features.
Judges involved in the awards process will be granted a uniform access level that allows them to see entries within the category they have been assigned to, download and review supporting documentation and score the entries accordingly.
There are other custom levels of access to the application, which makes the process easy for awards managers to delegate specific work to company employees.

Welcome in world of awards

Each business area deserves recognition, and what is the better way than awards. Awards inspire people in most effective ways and you can be the crucial part in this process.

For you, we have led awarding to the perfection and created an application with complete online  infrastructure.

On this way you can organize national and international awards, because the location isn’t a problem, anymore.